Executive Bioknomics

Advance Through the Challenge

Biopharmaceutical executives face many challenges with enterprise startup, including generating investment capital, market positioning and managing business operations. Executive Bioknomics is a specialized service to support biopharmaceutical executives in business strategy and execution.

At CliniBiz, we have decades of entrepreneurial, business commercialization and clinical project management proficiency in the biopharmaceutical and medical device spaces.

  • Strategy & Marketing – we leverage evidence and data science to drive decisions by merging analytics with our business and marketing talent to support well informed decision-making.
  • Investment Cultivation – We harness market positioning strategies and employ active business development to assist with attracting interest from investors.
  • Project Management – We assimilate into your team to further company directives and achieved operational, business and clinical trial results.
  • Board Meeting Preparation: We integrate into your executive team to understand company directives, investor mandates and summarize financial impact on business strategy and operations.